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Loyola surgeon performs life-changing jaw surgery

Log In or Sign Up to comment. More from Chowhound. Video from Cities Follow. Start to Finish: Thanksgiving Dinner for Six Video from CHOW. Up Next. Trending Discussions. Food Preferences. What's for Dinner Meal Planning Summer. Meal Planning Weekly Menu Planning. I have tried several of the things already listed here. Here are a few I have experimented with and found to work: - Hungry Jack instant mashed potato flakes made from chicken stock and with American cheese and sour cream to make it really really smooth.

Surprisingly good. I'm going to try the mac and cheese I have seen here. Frankly the New England Clam Chowder blendering worked so well, I am going to check out a few other soups with a similar consistency. I'm katie I'm 16 and I just had jaw surgery a week ago.

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Andrea, not to psych you out but I would be more worried about the pain, at first it makes you forget how hungry you are and you dont even care anymore. I have 5 more weeks of liquid food and I've lost 6 lbs so far. I'm also realllyyyyy picky but at least things taste better when you're hungry. I like rice a roni in the blender but then its watery so I fry it a little to evaporate some of the water. Its not totally liquid but I'm able to swallow it so I cheat a little.

I am about three weeks into my recovery with my jaw wired shut with a splint between my upper and lower teeth from my orthognathic surgery and i have already lost 13 pounds. Also, i have a splint in my mouth, which makes it impossible to drink from a straw. Anyone know if a mcdonalds burger can be blended up and if it would taste any good? I've been wired shut for the past three weeks and have been wanting a burger in the worst way! I too have had my jaw wired shut after fracturing both sides of my jaw. Ive lost 5lbs in my 1st week and it seems to have stabilized now.

I have been eating readybreak lots of milk, milk shakes, soups of the no bits variety adding alsorts to make taste different. I am really missing savoury foods!! I never knew hunger until I got my jaw wired shut, It's only been a week and i feel like i could eat a whole cow. I tried the soups, yogorts,and the milk shakes and really it just isn't hitting the shot. I even thought of taking the wires out my self and bitting in to a big jucie buger I passed out cut my chin and fractured my jaw in 2 spots.

Becuz of my panic attacks n anxiety. The dr did not wire me shut yet I have one week to hold my jaw still no talking or eating solid food eat only thru a straw.. I am drinking thru a straw soups drinks milkshakes but it only has been 4 days of doing this. I hope this is enough so I don't need to b wired. Invest in a Ninja!!!

Liquid Foods To Eat After Jaw Surgery ยป

Just last night night I liquified some fresh baked chicken with corn and gravy, while it may have looked gross it was extremely tasty and cured my craving for real food Like i said looks and sounds gross but truely tasted great. The Ninja does it all, better thatn anything I've tried even a Majic Bullet doesnt compare.

My mother has trouble eating real food at 82 and this is one of her favorite that I came up with. Dump in blender, add the salmon undrained and blend well. Add the salmon mixture, to the pot and stir it in good. You may have to add a little bit more milk to get the consistancy that you desire. Thank you!! Just had jaw surgery a week ago today, still have another week before I can drink through a straw, or fit a spoon in my mouth.

I've lost 9 lbs so far on 1 week on a liquid diet.

Eating When Your Jaw Is Wired: Care Instructions

I'm an avid road cyclist so I'm thinking most of it is muscle mass : but still not eating enough to exercise altho I long for my trainer I nearly passed out walking to class this afternoon so I think the bike will have to wait another few days at least. This forum is so funny and SOO true. Never been sooo hungry in all my life, or craved a cheeseburger like this in my life. Tomato soup has been a savior I'm getting my surgery in a month.

Six weeks on liquid diet

I'm now getting really scared after reading this. I am a very picky eater and my doctor hasn't given me any idea what it will be like after. I don't think they are going to wire my jaw shut but I am very small and don't have weight to lose. I am glad that I am not the only one that is a picky eater and This has help me get ideas on what I want to eat and not eat.

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I will post again when I talk to my doctor. Here is a link to the book that our orthodontist provided before my daughter's Orthagnathic surgery the end of June. She has lost weight but is getting better. The chicken taco didn't work for her but might for others. Hope it helps. Here is a link that might be useful: Dinner Through a straw.

I've never been there, never cared for anyone in this condition, but after reading through, I'm shocked Tofu especially silken liquifies so easily. You can put it with sweet or savory. It's the most perfect base. Nooch or nutritional yeast is a B vitamin powerhouse that vegans have been hiding from the rest of us for years! Get it fresh from a bulk bin It's got a cheesy flavor not unlike the bright orange cheese from those instant mac'n'cheese boxes. It'll dissolve into liquids mmm I'd recommend that you don't switch totally to nooch instead of cheese, but if you split half and half, it might not gum up a tube?

I can only imagine how great they'd be blended into a soup. You might also try an avgolemono for an intense flavor hit I make the asparagus version from Moosewood Simple Suppers, you might have to skip the orzo and puree the asparagus to get it through a feeding syringe, but it'll still be a savory variation. This is my second jaw surgery as my first one didn't work. I am wired shut this time for 12 weeks to be safe as my doctor puts it. I am 7 weeks in and have 5 more weeks.

I also have been having a hard, claustrophobic feeling this time from not being able to eat or lick my finger. I am exhausted all the time and it is even harder with 4 kids including my 9 month old son who I am trying to still breastfeed more for comfort now since my supply is so low but anyway now that i just vented that out here are some ideas that I have been using. We did buy a ninja blender this time because it has worked the best.

My husband has made me green peas and tuna in a creamy broth with mashed potatoes. I like mashed potatoes with country gravy which makes it more liquified. I bought a soup mix from walmart for chicken enchilada soup which was spicey and good. I just didnt put very much chicken in because it would clog up my gaps. I also did canned tamales. I like bean and bacon soup and it blends really well. I can blend up progresso vegetable beef soups too.

I like peanut butter ice cream shakes and orange cream shakes. My husband even blended up strawberries, whipping cream, a little bit of angel food cake for dessert on memorial day. It was really good the strawberry juice and whipping cream made it really liquified. Liquified cream o wheat with lots of honey.

I also add boost powder to chocolate milk to drink. I was so tired that i finally ordered liquid vitamins online and especially the b vitamins and this helped so much. I could really tell a difference after about 4 days of using it. I know this sounds a bit gross but I was making my kids a casserole cheesy chicken casserole and i just took out the chicken and sucked up the sauce which was made with cream cheese and spices.

That was really good too. I also can eat blended spaghetti sauce with some ground beef no noodles though cuz it makes it pasty. One thing that has helped me get through this too is when I smell or see a food I really want I add it to a list of what I am going to eat when I can finally chew food. Here's hoping!!! Good luck to everyone else in the same situation. He refused and learned to down Ensure, aspirating a little each time but swallowing tests show it is not detrimental as he has learned to drink over a sink and he coughs out the last little bit.

He has not been able to gain weight beyond lbs he looks like a stick man even downing 16 bottles of Ensure a day and eventually adding whey protein powder until I met him. He likes to race in Enduro motorcycle competitions so is high energy. I am an RN and can't stand to see people using Ensure as a meal replacement, it is only meant to be a supplement and other than the vitamins and protein only contains oil and sugar with milk solids.

I figured if he could down anything I could get him back to consuming vitamins, fat, etc. The sugar in the Ensure has also taken a toll on what was beautiful white teeth. He had purchased a Vitamix pricey but worth it to mix another powdered sweet drink he found can't remember the name to put weight on. The vitamix will actually dessimate anything you place in it and is so fast it will heat the food so hot that you can't drink it.

I literally blend anything I eat for him and he is eating better than ever. I now taste everything sometimes it sounds like it would be gross and have been astounded at how flavorful meals can be. He has gained 10 lbs over the last 2 months since I add cheese, butter, use whole milk, and for shakes blend high fat nuts like Macadamia and coconut he loves and add to them. I have noticed that chicken and dumplings is his favorite because the base of the soup is all I need to use to thin it so it is full flavor.

Blended Breakfast Ideas

Also for some reason the italian dishes like spaghetti, lasagna, etc. White sauces are best thinned with chicken broth and milk both and sweet and sour chicken is best thinned with apple juice. He is Jewish so when we made potato latke's I put the apple sauce and sour cream in and thinned with apple juice and milk and it tasted almost just like mine in a liquid version. One potato latke thinned equalled 64 ounces so thank goodness he can drink alot! Next time I may add a few potato flakes for extra calories.

He has started blending sushi and thins with seafood broth found only at Central Market here. I've done steak with potato including sour cream, butter, bacon bits and thinned one time with milk and another with beef broth and added beef gravy Most of our "soups" come out restaurant quality:- My next jump is to make steak with Au Jus and Demi Glace to try to get the flavor to come out better.

I encourage you all not to be afraid to try different things together and remember that on a liquid diet you need to increase your calories significantly. His Oncologist said he can't believe I've been able to put weight on him but he's defied all of them from the start My son broke his jaw last Sunday and I was floored when the surgeon toll me to expect him to loose at least 20 pounds before his recovery is done. I have just struggled to get 13 lbs on him after health issues drove him to go vegan with little support.

He is 18 and I had just got him up too lbs! He is not a sweet eater and we are finding that with the loose teeth, everything needs to be room temp. Any ideas for a high cal, high protein, savory vegan blender meal? Hey everyone! I am in dire need a help. My friend came off his bike and has had some nasty facial injuries, including have his jaw wired shut to deal with multiple breakages. He is a vegan and is very stringent with his diet. In hospital he has become very weak because vegan supplements are not available readily on our national health service.

He has not eaten anything for three days and is unable to stand. Although, I completely respect his right to decide what to eat I don't feel he is acting in his own best interest and I am very concerned. I was hoping that if I could make him a variety of vegan liquid supplements at home it may encourage him to listen to the doctors a little bit sooner in order for him to be discharged from hospital.

Has anyone got any recipe ideas? Any suggestions would be most welcome I am very worried about him. Thank you so much x.

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Ultimate Rug Sale. Ultimate Bar Stool Sale. Ultimate Vanity Sale. Ultimate Outdoor Sale. Special Diet Recipes. Comments Thank you for reporting this comment. Or Fry the pre washed spinach in oil until wilted, add crushed garlic and salt, cook until wilted, very quickly. Good Luck with your recovery. Vegies my brother in law had a broken jaw wired shut and we put alot of foods in the blender and added liquid milk or water to make them "drinkable". Yes to good diets, but being wired shut deserves some pleasures too. Here's what I've found: Naturally, a good blender is important.