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Director Tinamarie Panyard is herself a professional storyteller who has worked in the New York City public and private school system in the past.

Helpful Homeschool Rant - If You Can Make it in New York...

She uses storytelling to teach geography class to middle schoolers. She also teaches social studies and science to elementary aged children and hosts educational playgroups for children ages Different Directions serves approximately families each year. Their course offerings are determined by a core group of families as well as by the children enrolled in the program. Classes are offered for children age 3 through high school. For kids, Different Directions sponsors lots of social gatherings, such as movie nights and holiday parties, and an annual musical theater production, in which students collaborate with a professional composer to create a 2-hour original musical based on literature.

Different Directions has also become the stewards of Ramon Aponte Playground, located steps away from their studio, and will partner with the NYC Parks Department this year. To register for classes visit their website, review the courses and click inquiry and registration. A teacher will contact you and tell you more about the course. Teachers are responsible for signing students up for their classes, and then you will be invited to register with Different Directions.

The ROC Network for Learning provides a wide variety of learning resources to homeschooling families. Founded by Melle Randall, a single mother of three children, The ROC is a way for families to share collaboratively to educate their kids. The ROC helps homeschooling families nurture a lifelong love of learning within a warm and welcoming community, while extending support, relief, and comfort for families new to homeschooling. On her first day of homeschooling, one relieved mom said: "We just jumped off the cliff, and the ROC provided us a parachute. The ROC's Network for Learning partners with traditional institutions, programs, teachers, professionals, and businesses to help connect students and families with homeschooling resources to create independent, customized, and fun learning opportunities.

Visit their website to learn more, or watch their second whiteboard video about what they do.

Homeschool Support Groups

In addition to homeschooling organizations in NYC, several cultural institutions in New York City provide resources specifically designed for homeschoolers, or that are accessible to the homeschool community. Their programs for teens include paid internships, a range of hands-on science courses, and research opportunities like The Brown Scholars program, a 2-year intensive course focused on the intersection of computer science and science for high school girls.

ConstructionKids at the Brooklyn Navy Yard has special classes for homeschoolers. Jersey City Children's Theater has homeschool classes. Extreme Kids in Brooklyn has free play sessions for homeschooled kids with special needs. Session A ; Session B. Custom Search. Travels with Laurie. Laurie Block Spigel. Photo Gallery. Poems by Laurie. Favorite Kids' Books. Language Arts. Critical Thinking. Social Studies. Foreign Languages. Standards, etc. Special Ed. NYC High Schools. Requirements: Each family must have at least one parent come on Friday's and participate in some way in the group.

This is not a requirement to participate in the co-op but does offer many additional benefits. Beth Lawton.

  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (Annotated & Illustrated).
  • The Epistle of Paul to Titus & The Epistle of Paul to Philemon (New Testament Collection Book 17).
  • A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book One!
  • Clochard (Italian Edition).

FERN operates as a computer-based "newsletter" for activities, resources, and information to support homeschooling families and those interested in home education. Benefits: Recent activities include field trips, monthly Teen Trips, and 8-week family theater workshop, resources including some local farm goods, recycling home education, materials group trips to theater performances. Joann Shapiro. Description: Please e-mail for the lastest things that we do.

Homeschooling: Great Resources for NYC Families

Our primary concern is to develop a meeting place for children of special needs to play, and we have an excellent support group on a monthly basis. Requirements: We do not hold any sought of requirements to those who choose to come on a monthly basis, or to those who come one time every two months.

We are here to give support and encouragement to all parents who are raising children with special needs.

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Benefits: As a group we as members plan our trips according to the needs which means as a team we as a whole plan our outings, playgroups, field trips and mom's night out. Eileen Knott. Description: Home Educators Group of Schoharie HEGS is a group of homeschooling families with a wide variety of backgrounds, approaches to education, and religious affiliations. We exist to provide support for homeschooling families, information of homeschooling, and to allow for sharing of educational opportunities.

We hope to increase public awareness, acceptance, and support of home education in Schoharie County. Sandy Malloy. Description: Secular, inclusive homeschool cooperative. Requirements: Actively participate, attend gatherings and meetings. Benefits: Weekly gatherings, social time, field trips, support.

Homeschool Hangout NY. Dorene Randall.

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Description: Homeschool Hangout NY is a co op in support of working parents who homeschool their children. A place where children are free to explore their individual interests while building friendships and discovering self. Agriculture, art, physical fitness, nature walks, science and technology activities. Requirements: Our small group is designed for ages Daily and weekly rates available. Benefits: A creative and fun place for your homeschooler to hangout while you're at work. Rhona Rose. Description: The purpose of this group is to provide a medium for local Jewish homeschoolers to meet as well as an opportunity for the parents to exchange ideas and offer suggestions to support homeschooling among this segment of the population.

Benefits: Activities are planned at the suggestion of members and our membership is informed by e-mail. Childhood timeline focus When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Requirements: Requirements: Homeschoolers Only!

Screening Process! Families willing to travel some distance! Group Introduction within 3 days of Membership! Benefits: A Well-rounded Homeschool Experience! Devorah Weinmann.

Homeschooling tutoring and coaching in New York City

Description: L. The common interest of our members is home-education. The purpose of this organization is to offer information, organize activities for member children and their families, hold meetings that support members in their home education choice and help members to introduce themselves to one another. All services are provided through the unpaid volunteer efforts of members.

All members are invited to attend business meetings or send written opinions.