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And there you have the three Italian Christmas gift bringers: La Befana brings the sweets and the treats, Babbo Natale brings the regali , and la Madonnina brings perhaps the most important gift of all — il Gesu Bambino the Baby Jesus. Oh, and I almost forgot … another really cool thing that they all have in common is that they all have songs dedicated to them! The English translation is :. The Befana comes by night With her shoes all tattered and torn She comes dressed in the Roman way Long live the Befana!

Had you heard of la Befana before? Got any good Befana stories? Love, love, love your comments! Buone feste e buon Natale! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! We respect your email privacy. Lisa is sharing le sue esperienze her experiences in a series of guest blogs that I am featuring here on my website. I cannot thank you enough for being such a splendid host for my Toscana visit. In such a short time, I have learned about the magnificent art masters who built the foundation of Italian art, how the Etruscans were the first to settle here high up in the hills of Fiesole overlooking your valley, that Hitler used you as his Italian headquarters with Mussolini during WWII and how he spared you from ruin with his love for your beauty, about the delicious culinary creations such as schiacciata special bread with grapes made only during harvest time and so many of your other unique qualities.

Un negozio di moda a Firenze A clothing store in Florence. I enjoy waking up with the peals of the bells from the Duomo, setting my clock by the deliveries to the restaurants and markets on my little narrow street, having a later lunch and a small snack for dinner and even all of the kilometers I walk every day to meander my way to the next adventure. This next week should bring even more wonder and amazement to my Italian adventure! Between the classical music concerts, class work, visiting friends in Bologna, and touring the Tuscan countryside this next weekend, I feel certain I will have even more reasons to be in love with the most fantastic small city and the most intriguing country…Italia!

Have you been to Firenze? What do you love most about this city? If not, what do you dream of doing there? Che bella giornata a Firenze oggi! Jodina did an amazing job preparing me in the advancement of my Italian skills! There are only five of us in class, all from different countries, with the only common language being Italian. You can imagine the fun we have trying to communicate — LOL. All kidding aside, we do manage to have some quite lofty conversations. I am throughly enjoying myself here in this magnificent city.

Last night I was entertained by a free opera performance in front of The Duomo and a fabulous jazz trio in another small piazza. It is a wonderful city for the solo traveler, as you never feel alone. There are friendly people everywhere, and so many activities from which to choose. Do you have a story of your own to share?

Clinica della Bambola e Museo

We welcome your comments below! Perhaps you practice one of the many varieties of fiber arts, or perhaps you just appreciate i prodotti finiti the finished products resulting from skills that have been tramandati da generazione in generazione passed from generation to generation. Before la produzione in massa mass production , fiber arts were integral to the creation of everyday knit and woven goods.

These traditional artisan art forms now enjoy great popularity as hobbies. If you are lucky enough to live near north San Diego County, check out this link and check out the event!

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Here is Italian vocabulary related to the most popular forms of fiber arts :. Do you practice any of the fiber arts le antiche arti femminili?


Got any words to add to this glossary? I love hearing your comments! Uova di Pasqua : Italian Easter eggs. I found the following anonymous poesia poem on filastrocche.

Fabio Calvetti

The translation is mine. Buona Pasqua! I wish everyone — however you celebrate this time of year —. Love, Health, and Abundance. Did you enjoy this poesia? How do you celebrate this time of year? Now that you know what to say, send an Italian card from Kisseo online Italian cards , but before you go, show me some love, and leave a comment below letting me know you liked this post.

Yes, the lore of la Befana is one of my favorite parts of the Italian winter holiday traditions. Dunque So then , this might be rather a brief blog post, or not, as I compose it and pay homage to la Befana between planes, layovers, and delays while I journey from the frozen heartland of Wisconsin to San Diego on the eve of the Epiphany. Darn it! They stopped at her house to ask her for directions to Bethlehem as well as for food and shelter.

But by then the guests were far beyond recall. Befana decided to go after them in any case and set off for Bethlehem. Like them, she followed la stella cometa the guiding star , but unlike them she was unable to find the stable where the Christ Child lay. She visits every house where there are children and leaves gifts just in case one of them happens to be the Christ Child.

Clinica della Bambola e Museo

For the naughty children it is said she only leaves coal — but that is very rare, since there are very seldom any really naughty children, especially during Christmas time, when they know Befana is on her way. During Roman times, the winter holiday season lasted almost a month, starting with the festival of Saturnalia winter solstice celebration , that kicked off on December 17, and going until the end of Lupercalia end-of-winter festival , on January This period was marked by wild revelry and lots of eating, drinking, and merrymaking definitely some similarities to modern times , and also featured the honoring of various goddesses.

Perhaps la Befana is a holdover of the female figures celebrated as a part of the tapestry of this season in times past. Befana vs.

Prior to that point, la Befana was the main bringer of presents, and in this sense, Babbo Natale is somewhat of an interloper. While many families still practice the tradition of la Befana and put out their calze before bed on the eve of Jan. In many parts of Italy she has been replaced or overshadowed by Santa. Befana la Befania…. One more role that la Befana plays is to officially usher out the holiday season in Italy. Archived from the original on 4 October Retrieved 8 August The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 27 April Retrieved 17 June BBC News.

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