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Gears (G1)

A Geography of Europe by Jean Gottmann - A geography of the atmosphere by John J. He and the others arrived at a nearby swamp, where the Decepticons had dumped the head, with Optimus's body in tow. However, the head was actually a decoy head, which, when attached to the body, caused it to go on a murderous rampage. Several Decepticons then arrived to help the false Prime batter the Autobots, and Buzzsaw shot Gears right in the face!

Prime Time! Though in time Optimus was restored and retook command of the Autobots, he had been left troubled by his ordeal. At this time, Prowl suggested the Autobots use the Creation Matrix to create a breed of Autobot super warriors , which could swiftly end the war for them. Gears was among the Autobots who argued against this course of action, seeing it as a perversion of the Matrix's purpose. Following an encounter with Ravage, Bumblebee shortly thereafter went missing.

Upon detecting his signal returning towards the Ark, Gears ran out to welcome the scout, only to be met with Bumblebee's severed arm; the Decepticons had challenged Optimus Prime to retrieve their prisoner alone. The ensuing rescue only served to snap Prime out of a funk however, and he returned to announce his decision against building the "Ultimate Autobots.

Their mission was suddenly cut short by the arrival of Soundwave and the Decepticons, who shot the Minibots in the back and took them prisoner. Bumblebee soon rescued his disabled comrades from the captured Ark shuttlecraft. Dinobot Hunt! However, the injuries Gears suffered were grave. Alongside many other Autobots, he was brought to Ratchet's repair bay to be patched up. Due to a lack of supplies, Ratchet only had faint hopes of reviving all of the damaged troops. Rock and Roll-Out! Gears was witness to Optimus, Ratchet, and Prowl suddenly de-materializing within the Ark.

Though at the time they had assumed that the Decepticons had somehow managed to slay the trio, the Autobots soon learned otherwise. Optimus and the others had been transported to another dimension as part of a mass displacement effect, triggered by Galvatron traveling to their present from twenty years in the future.

A first strike against the time-traveling tyrant and his cronies ended in Jazz 's capture, and Gears participated in the subsequent effort to free his fellow Autobot but the future-Decepticons wielded unimaginable power, and Gears was brought low by Scourge. Target: Gears was repaired in time to help his fellow Autobots gather up what they believed were Optimus Prime's remains; the Autobot leader had apparently been slain in combat against the Predacons. Little did they know that the body they had found was a facsimile construct , planted by Prime to fake his own death.

The Harder They Die! Though Gears was left inoperative once more , Ratchet began gathering the necessary parts to fix him and the other severely damaged Autobots. Funeral for a Friend! He was back on his feet by the time the Ark was launched into the Earth's orbit. At this time, Optimus was gone and Grimlock had taken control of the Autobot forces, though his leadership proved unpopular among the troops. Gears begged the deserter Blaster to usurp the Dinobot alongside the bulk of the Autobot forces. This led into Gears witnessing a battle between Grimlock and Blaster for Autobot leadership on Earth 's moon.

While Autobots around him cheered vehemently for either combatant, Gears chose to watch in stoic silence. Gears was among the Autobots who answered Buster Witwicky's distress call from just outside the Decepticons' headquarters in the Arctic. As Starscream approached, Goldbug led a team of Autobots which included Gears, and the entire team was destroyed with a "single wave of a market executive's Starscream's hand"!

Dark Star. Gears' torso, head, and right arm were shown in the midst of attempted repairs while Optimus Prime explained the bleak condition of their fallen to Cloudburst and Landmine. Gears was one of the original crew of Autobots on the Ark spaceship when it crash-landed on Earth millions of years ago. When he awoke in , he was reformatted by Teletraan I so that his alternate mode was an Earth-based pickup truck.

Not a true combatant by nature, he didn't participate in many of the Autobots' more famous battles against the Decepticons, but he did his part despite his complaints. Gears first saw action on Earth at an off-shore oil rig, fighting one of the Seekers with his partner, Huffer. More than Meets the Eye, Part 1 Gears' infrared sensors were useful in capturing Ravage when the Decepticon was caught trespassing at the Autobot headquarters. By modifying his searchlight wavelength, Gears could illuminate Ravage's heat traces and neutralize the jaguar's ability to hide in shadows.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 2 When Prime was injured in an explosion outside the ruby crystal mines of Burma , Gears discarded the complaining facade he often wore, in order to encourage Optimus Prime to push himself into returning to robot mode. He later donned a lab coat to help sell Hound 's holographic rocket base idea, although it didn't do much good. In the final battle to stop the launch of the Decepticon space cruiser, Gears and Windcharger were engaged in battling Reflector until Megatron called for a retreat.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 3. Gears assembled for battle when the Decepticons returned to attack a solar power plant, and chastised Bumblebee for missing roll call. At the plant, Gears and Cliffjumper attempted to stop the Seekers from taking off with the energon cubes, but Starscream knocked them aside with a concussion blast.

Later, after Bumblebee led the Autobots to the supposed site of the new space bridge , only to find a deserted cave, Gears offered to electrocute the 'Bee in order to juice up his memory circuits. Transport to Oblivion When Optimus Prime was heavily damaged in battle, Gears returned from patrol with Brawn and Windcharger to check on his condition.

Gears (G1) - Transformers Wiki

None of them, however, was sharp-eyed enough to spot Laserbeak swoop down and land on Brawn's shoulder as they entered the base. Divide and Conquer. After it started snowing, in July, in the middle of the desert, Optimus Prime got suspicious and consulted Teletraan I for a weather report.

Gears, who was performing reconnaissance scans on the now-frozen tropical region of the planet, concurred with Teletraan I's conclusions, that Megatron and the Decepticons must somehow be draining heat energy right out of the Earth's core. In the Arctic, as the Autobots prepared to enter the Decepticons' cavernous base of operations, Gears stalled outside the entrance on the sneaking suspicion the Autobots were falling into a trap. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy—by lingering too long on the ice, the combined weight of Gears, Hound, Ironhide and Ratchet caused the tunnel to collapse beneath them.

A Engrenagem na Obra de Deus - Obreiros em Foco Portugal

Gears and his buddies were briefly captured by the Decepticons, but escaped thanks to Hound's holograms. Fire in the Sky. Gears attended the unveiling of Wheeljack 's latest science project, the Dinobots , and managed to stay out of the way after they ran amok. Being one of the few Autobots who can fly usually , Gears took to the air to fight Soundwave face-to-face, but was quickly shot down by the more experienced Decepticon. Fire on the Mountain He was also involved in the dino-design project that created Snarl and Swoop.

War of the Dinobots. Following a Decepticon attack on the Ark, Gears was briefly seen cleaning up the deadly fire extinguisher foam which drove them away. The Ultimate Doom, Part 1 In the aftermath of Cybertron's orbit around Earth, Gears worked on the massive repairs necessary to rebuild human society. He also participated in the raid on Doctor Arkeville 's laboratory. Countdown to Extinction. During an Autobot Alert!!!

The alarm interrupted his plan to "lube his cables", making the cranky Gears slow to respond to the call of duty. He might have trudged even slower if he knew the entire alert was a ruse by Megatron, designed solely for the purpose of capturing Gears. It seemed that Megatron's newest toy, the Solar Needle , required a specific circuit board in order to be properly completed, and Gears contained just such a circuit board in his chest. A curious side effect of removing the circuit board was that it negated Gears' inclination towards squawking and complaining.

He was now a compulsively good-natured people-pleaser, unable to refuse requests by anyone, even Megatron. With the solar needle activated, the Decepticons put Gears to work harvesting energon cubes, filled by the sun's mighty power. Despite the alterations to his personality, Gears tried to remain true to himself.

Even while helping Megatron's energy pilfering, he still managed to toss an insult or two at the Decepticon leader. In a good-natured way, of course. And, after the Autobots arrived to destroy the solar needle and drew the Decepticons' attention, Gears made a break for the control panel to retrieve his circuit board and restore his real personality. He was interrupted by Starscream , who had been looking for an excuse to blast Gears all day, but Bumblebee knocked the Seeker aside before he could eliminate the tiny Autobot.

Also, when Megatron hurled Prime out of control into the solar needle's incinerating energy grid, Gears used the holdout blaster in his sleeve to disrupt the grid and save Optimus. Still, once Megatron got the drop on the Autobots, he was able to exploit Gears' new personality glitch to make him repair the solar needle while the Decepticons held his teammates at gunpoint. Megatron gloated too much about the nature of Gears' problem, though, allowing Optimus Prime to circumvent his control over Gears.

Tricking Megatron into agreeing to honor his last request "as a condemned mechanism", Prime turned the tables on Megatron by asking Gears for a favor of his own. Gears was all too happy to oblige With the fight back on, Gears happily got in on the action and tossed Starscream for a loop. The Decepticons abandoned the field of battle, leaving the Autobots behind to clean up the mess caused by their solar needle. As the needle was being dismantled, Prime was ready to return Gears' circuit board to him when Trailbreaker stepped in. Seems the Autobots took a vote, and they would rather not restore Gears' talent for complaining, and whining, and hypochondria, and After a quick joke, though, they did return the circuit board, and Gears showed his gratitude by going "whine, whine, whine" all the way home.

Changing Gears. Gears was seen awaiting his turn at the recharging chambers , but did not appear later on rampaging with the other Autobots afflicted by the personality destabilizer device. Attack of the Autobots He attended Wheeljack's demonstration of the Immobilizer. When the Decepticons got their metal mitts on the device, Gears was trapped in mid-transformation by the device's rays. He was restored to normal after Carly fiddled with the controls to reverse its effects.

The Immobilizer. Like most of the Autobots, Gears was temporarily trapped in vehicle mode after Megatron unleashed his Transfixatron on them during a car rally for charity. Wheeljack came up with an anti-transfixation grenade to reverse the process even his cures explode! While he isn't in Brawn or Prime's class, Gears is still one strong little Autobot, and demonstrated his strength by ripping out huge chunks of rock to hurl at the massive Decepticon. The Autobot Run Sometime later, Gears helped install detection plates around the Ark as an early warning system against any intruders.

Enter the Nightbird He was also briefly seen gawking at the two Optimus Primes who showed up in the dirt. After a sharpshooting contest and car race failed to uncover the imposter, the Autobots rode into battle anyway with both Primes at their side. Gears didn't have much fun in the following melee: first he got sent face-first into the dirt by one of the opening salvos, and was later overmatched in single combat against Thundercracker. He was saved only by the continuation of Megatron and Starscream's cockeyed, overly-elaborate scheme of clones killing clones.

A Prime Problem.

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Gears was on patrol with the team when they suddenly came across an empty riverbed. After a quick mud massage from Jazz's spinning tires, Gears and the others decided to follow the river's trail to see where it had been diverted. What they found was trouble: Constructicons. The Autobots barely escaped battle with Devastator to report on Megatron's activities to Prime. The Core.

Gears attended Wheeljack's demonstration of how he had taught Grimlock "finesse". The resulting chaos and destruction was predictable, but memorable. All the repairs and none of the glory. Boy, he must have been craaaanky Gears and many of his fellow Autobots showed up in Central City for the Autobot Day parade and celebration. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1 The city soon turned on the Autobots, thanks to Megatron's machinations, but they returned to help drive the Decepticons away once the humans were temporarily enslaved.

Gears was seen among the horde of Autobots that overwhelmed the Decepticon slave-drivers. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 He was also one of the Autobots cheering for the Dinobots when they returned from Cybertron with a fresh supply of cybertonium. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2 Gears was part of the third wave of Autobots to confront the invulnerable Decepticons, but fared no better than his predecessors against their electrum coating.

Cosmic Rust. When Megatron and the Decepticons attacked the Ark looking for the renegade Decepticons , Gears joined Optimus Prime in fending off their assault. Megatron soon retreated once he realized Prime had no slaggin' idea what he was talking about. Starscream's Brigade. Gears, Ironhide and Bumblebee responded to an S.

They were beaten to it by Swindle , who needed to get back Brawl 's personality component, and Gears later found himself defending Autobot Headquarters from Bruticus. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Gears was amongst the Autobots who defended Autobot headquarters in Arizona from a Decepticon attack. Although the Autobots won the day, the attack was actually just a distraction so that Soundwave could go do evil in Japan or something unspecified.

Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2. Gears accompanied the massive Autobot reinforcements called in to counter Megatron's nefarious Omega Whip. Full Throttle Scramble Power! Gears watched Megatron depart in the wake of the battle over the Transform Super Cog. Slugslinger's Ambition Like most Autobots he was annoyed by Twin Twist and Topspin 's antics, commenting that the two were hopeless. Jumpstarter Chapter. To alleviate the Transformers' energy woes, a team of Autobots including Gears was formed to crew the Ark , which soon departed.

Battle Lines, Part 6. In the aftermath of a battle with the Decepticons, the Autobots found that Decepticon activities had seemingly stopped altogether. Taking advantage of the situation, Optimus went on a trip. Gears and the others tried to fend off the Decepticons nonetheless when they attacked once more.

Thankfully, Optimus returned just in time with a new shipment of fuel. Re-energized, the Autobots forced the Decepticons to flee once again. Revenge of the Decepticons.

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Gears was one of the thirty-five active Autobots stationed on Earth. He participated in the battle against the Decepticons that ensued after Megatron put into motion his plan to take hostage millions of humans to gain the Earth's unconditional surrender. After the Autobots had emerged victorious from the conflict, Gears drove away with the rest of his comrades back to Autobot headquarters.

Battle for Earth. Gears was present when the Decepticons sent a communication to Autobot headquarters, informing them that not only was Sunstreaker their captive hostage, but that the rescue party that tried to liberate him had been captured as well. Gears was shaken by the message, and the Autobots questioned their next move. Thankfully, Optimus Prime renewed morale by coming up with a clever plan to trick the Decepticons.

The Autobots hid within a false peace-offering, a life-size statue of Devastator. When the Decepticons approached the statue with their guard down, the Autobots burst forth, taking them by surprise. The Autobots were ultimately victorious that day. The Autobots' Secret Weapon. Gears and Optimus were attacked by Rumble, who used his Earthquake-inducing abilities to bury the two Autobots in a landslide. Though they managed to dig their way out of the rubble, Gears was ws rendered immobile when Soundwave snuck up on him and unplugged a cable inside his back.


Gears was brought to Megatron's newly constructed prison and incarcerated within. Thankfully, Bumblebee had evaded capture, and managed to free the rest of his teammates. Upon release, Gears and the other Autobots gave Bumblebee three cheers! Bumblebee to the Rescue! Gears was one of the many Autobots who stopped the Decepticons from harming Sparkplug and Buster Witwicky.

Later, he helped the Autobots in protecting Hoover Dam from the evil robots. The Deadly Fuel Shortage. Gears was hauling a load of potatoes, with plans to sell them for oil and gas money. He was tricked by the Decepticons into taking a detour, which led him to their " Autobot Rest Stop "—a car crusher disguised with pillows and a set of curtains.

Gears rolled into the Rest Stop and was enjoying himself when Soundwave activated the machine, crushing Gears flat. Gears was later restored by Ratchet , with no ill effects. The Autobot Smasher! When the Autobots on Earth received word from Cosmos that the Decepticons were razing a human village to build a fuel plant in its place, they assumed their vehicle forms to sneak upon their enemies as they were working.

Once they were in close enough proximity to the Decepticons, the Autobots transformed and launched a surprise attack. Cosmos continued to observe the battlefield from his post in orbit, and warned Gears and Grapple when Ravage and Kickback attempted to flank the Autobots to attack them from behind.

Gears restrained Kickback, spoiling the bug's attempt to catch Sludge and Slag off-guard. The Autobots then beat up the rest of the Decepticons, shoved them down a pit, and covered them with quick-drying cement to keep them out of further trouble.