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In fairness, his play mat was half on and half off the carpet so Don thinks the Bird had an unfair advantage. There are some good ones. Take a look at our happy boy. You can view the full size photo here. The Bird rarely spits up. Maybe They also concern me.

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Like all parents, Don and I bought, downloaded and borrowed a myriad of parenting books. We have an infant. There is no time for reading about him. We are too tired to read and would rather gaze upon him than read anyway. And also,. When my friend and new mom Karen shared the Portalandia clip above with me, I laughed for five minutes. Actually, we did read a little bit of all the books. About three pages or so. In that case, by all means purchase a few.

In this book we learn that every week your baby will do things things radically different than the week before. For example, in week one your baby will focus on objects 8 — 12 inches away and in week two your baby will stare at objects 8 — 12 inches away. In Baby we learn that all parents have questions. In fact, all parents have the same questions.

Is he constipated? Turns out constipation in infants is determined by the consistency of the output, not the frequency.

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But you will. I read those three pages for six hours because it was hard to concentrate for some reason.

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In the edition of the book we have those are the pages on infant reflexes bottom line: he has them and bottle feeding. I got to skip over pages 50 — 53 since those were the pages on breast feeding.

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Skipping pages was exciting to me. I felt like I had been promoted a grade in school. Nothing about hotel rooms is sterile. In my sleep deprived state, the book languished on a side table in the living room for weeks after I learned all I needed from it and I never made it back to the library to return it. The overdue fee would have paid for a new copy on Amazon, I think. But honest to Pampers it works. I even downloaded a shushing app for my phone because I was getting dry mouth. We put copies of Dr. Nonetheless, I still feel I can offer two pieces of expert advice on this book having tried to read it a dozen times.

Your parents read an earlier edition of this book and look how you turned out. Interpret that in any way you like. See how much I learned? Actually, along with Happiest Baby on the Block , this book has been helpful even though I read so little of it. We had been putting him to bed between 9 and 10 p. Now we put him into his crib at 8 p. He sometimes still wakes us up at 1 a. Do you have a parenting book you would like me to review?

Especially music. Every song I heard seemed to be about adoption, even songs about romantic love. In fact, it has probably gotten worse. Only my version went like this:. It always smells vaguely of baby pee better than the alternative, I suppose. I bought one of those plug-in liquid air fresheners, but the scent while pleasant enough was just too strong. Great idea, Don. My container had a plastic insert for the lid so I popped it out.

If yours has an all metal lid, you will need a rubber band and a ribbon. Cut your scrapbook paper into a strip that will fit around your tin. Attach to tin with double-sided tape or glue. Fill your tin with coffee grounds. Place small piece of fabric over the top of the tin. If your lid was all metal, secure the fabric in place with a rubber band and top with a ribbon.

If you had a lid with a plastic insert, put the lid without the plastic on top of the fabric. Give the tin a shake when the air is a little stale. Refill with fresh grounds from time to time. Powered by WordPress. Designed by. Sweet Little Nest Assembling the twigs and looking for a little bird to adopt. Oh yeah. Full course of aggressive treatment, baby! As for me, I feel much better and look forward to less stressful fall. Comments 0 Comments Categories Uncategorized Author susan. Do you have any friends packing up and moving away? How have you marked their departure? Comments 0 Comments Categories crafts Author susan.

We could build one like this: He can also roll over like a champ — sometimes both ways, but usually just onto his stomach. Comments 0 Comments Categories just interesting , our little bird , photos Author susan. This year I made two new pieces of decor I thought I would share with you.

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This was a big month for our little guy. Comments 1 Comment Categories our little bird , photos Author susan. This month we decided to list some of the places Harris has visited in his short life. Suzanne and Trish were with us and Tori was working over at Alcatraz. We could, of course, see Alcatraz from Pier 39 so we we waved and took pictures. Way back in January we had a warm spell. Dean and I took Hayden and Harris to the zoo. The Bird has been to Baltimore a lot, unfortunately. He normally has to come with me when I go for my eye check ups at Hopkins. Poor kid.

The Arboretum was packed, but we got some nice pictures. What have you been up to this spring? He stirs up the neighborhood and digs away the soft things, the pleasant things, the nice things, and makes life miserable, so that we are perfectly willing to move out and go anywhere or any place, north or south; go to some other neighborhood, some other surroundings. He stirs up our theology, our notions, our opinions, our beautiful dreams, and all kinds of crucifixions come.

All the apostles had their nests stirred, and all the patriarchs and all the reformers and all the evangelists and all the pastors in some way or another have had their nests stirred—the social nest, or the family nest, or the church nest. In some way or other, God stirs up the nest and lets us down on hard things that draw blood, that make us ache, that make us suffer.

And so, friends, this is the way that God works and is working. Go back twenty-five, thirty, or forty years and see how you were fixed. Look at the change in your life from then to now; see how God has taken all the props from under you—that church, that preacher, that Christian, that piece of property. God took away the props until you lay down on hard rocks, thorns, and briars.

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He tore up the nest. God not only stirs the nest of His saints, but fluttereth over them. When God allows trouble, sorrow, poverty, and desolation to come to us, and we are sad and weep and cry and look down to find something to lean upon, then God flutters over us—the sound of wings. God does it to draw attention to Himself, to get us to look away to Him; to look away from the coffin, and the grave, and the old house, the deserted farm, and the departed friend.

And when God can get our attention, then comes a change. The mother bird might flutter all day long, and the young birds would never look up while lying on a sheep skin or a rabbit skin. But when it is all thorns and briars and sticks, they look up. The next thing God does is to spread abroad His wings.

I shall never forget when we lost everything we had, after trying to save a little for twenty-odd years. Everything was swept away, and we were two thousand dollars in debt without a dollar to pay it with.

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When God shows you the amplitude of His providence, the vastness of His resources, it is a revelation to your soul. The eagle spreads abroad her wings, and then the young bird sees that the mother is larger than the nest. Just so, when God shows us the resources that He has, and that these resources are larger than all our need for body and soul and spirit, for time and eternity; when God shows us that more than we need is in God, provided for us, what a sense of assurance comes into our souls!

When I had not a dollar on earth—only fifteen cents—and a family to support, I felt just as safe and safer than I do now. I felt that Almighty God was just as able and willing to help me as though I had a million dollars. The best was gone, everything was gone; but God showed me His long wings. He spreadeth abroad His wings. Are you an orphan? Is your mother or father dead? Are you poor?

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Are you hated? Are you cast out? Are you ostracized and minimized and undersized? Are you perplexed? If you will get your eyes on God and God alone, you will not have a care, you will not have an anxiety. All we need is to see God. That is what God did to the Christian church in Jerusalem. He stirred their nest, and they went out everywhere preaching the gospel. They never would have gone fifty miles if God had not stirred their nest in Jerusalem.