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Will you mention Jon and Christina to your friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors? Will you like and share their Facebook page on your social media accounts? For all we know, their child could be in. So this morning, I asked God to please provide food for us this day. He whipped them up—along with the last of the frozen hash browns—all while carrying Hudson in the carrier.

I saw Steve walk into Missio with his arms full of fresh baked loaves of bread. Pick us, pick us! I silently wished. Steve is an older widower who gifts homemade bread to congregants each Sunday. Steve chose my father-in-law for his first gifting, and my father-in-law passed it on to us! After service, we met a young woman who is newer to Missio, and invited her to lunch. While I nursed Hudson, I asked Trevor to pull some cans of tuna out of the pantry, and start making these yummy tuna melt sandwiches.

But of all things, she exclaimed with delight when she saw it! Apparently her college housemates used to protest her use of tuna in the kitchen. This young woman is a speech pathologist resident who works at a nursing home.

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After a long walk we kept running into people we knew , Trevor asked what was for supper. And then I remembered. We have some lettuce already growing in our garden, so we served it with a simple salad. Because most of the time, God provision for my family includes me planning ahead. Here are a few highlights from this past Sunday, May 5, Our worship leader, Nate Maxfield, apologized to us for not including more songs of lament in our services. If you think church music has to be upbeat and peppy, think again.

We also know from the Old Testament that pigeons were the offering the poorest of the poor offered to God. These pigeon sellers were taking advantage of the poor, hiking prices for pigeons way up. In his sermon , Adam pointed out that this whole scene was a battleground for glory. The religious leaders of the day were incensed at Jesus. They were fighting Him—the true Temple, the true High Priest, and the true and final Sacrifice—for power and glory.

They were using what God had intended to be a place where people from all nations were welcomed to meet with Him, as a means to personal gain. Again, I was challenged: Am I using Jesus to attain my dreams and gain significance, or am I on board with His mission, bearing good fruit as I seek to share the good news of the gospel with my neighbors all the way to the ends of the earth? And what incredible news it is. As Adam shared, this whole temple system was about to change.

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Jesus started shutting things down, as He was about to make the final and only! The thick curtain that separated mankind and God was about to be torn! Christian, are you using Jesus as a means to an end, or does your heart beat for His agenda and glory? I love it when Trevor cooks. He made Korean egg bread for breakfast. It had us oohing between each bite. As a twelve-year-old eager to start earning money, I chose to detassle corn and work on a turkey farm think hard, dirty, physical labor rather than babysit. And while I longed for marriage for years , I never once dreamed of becoming a mom.

First female president of the U. And yet here I am, less than two weeks away from giving birth to our second baby.

In the bleak midwinter

So what would motivate me to have not just one but two babies? A practical factor that forced me and Trevor to address this issue early in our marriage was my age. We married when I was already in my thirties, and we knew our time was limited if we were going to have babies. From that moment on, I knew our course was set.

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  • I would not have babies because they made my heart melt; I would have babies out of obedience to Christ. Forgive me if I sound like a martyr; just being honest here. I write this post for different people for different reasons:. God has already moved and changed my heart. But God took care of all of that, and Iren has brought such unexpected joy to our lives!

    This is progress! It has been a death to self in many ways. How about you?

    See a Problem?

    Why or why not? I felt like I was in a pressure cooker. Trevor has lived in Syracuse his whole life; I remember him telling me when we were dating that he had no plans of ever moving. Still, I encouraged him to interview for the position.

    Your Best You

    A former elder from Missio is co-leading a church in that city, so we would have a place to plug into. And so he dusted off his suit and traveled to the interview. Weeks passed, and we thought that was that. We had just one week to decide. We were torn down the middle; we both believed we could say yes or no in good conscience. We could glorify God and be devoted to good works in either place.

    Neither decision was sinful. We prayed, we searched Zillow. We also sought counsel. The night before he had to give his answer, we sat across the table from each other. One, two, three. We felt relief, but also a mixture of sadness the next day. It would have been an adventure, for sure.

    God has blessed us big time, and unknowingly, we had begun to take this place and these people for granted.

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    But thanks to this difficult decision process, we are recommitting to this place. Syracuse— among the top ten most poverty-stricken cities in the U. And the people at Missio church are the ones we want to do this alongside of. In a world full of pressure to climb up, up, up, I am so grateful for a man who is committed to this cold, needy place. Syracuse, we happily choose you. Are you fully engaged where you live, or have you grown lax? Are you taking your influence on the people around you for granted? PS: Through this process, we prayed that God would keep or move us to the place He knew would be most strategic for His kingdom advancement.

    That appears to be Syracuse. When you think of us, please pray for increased boldness and gospel-success in our neighborhood and city. Thanks so much! Dear blog reader, Today I want to share four gifts from my desk to you. Jim Spellman Getty Images. Linda Cardellini: Judy Hale. James Marsden: Steve Wood. Jon Kopaloff Getty Images. Sam McCarthy: Charlie Harding.

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    Luke Roessler: Henry Harding. Amanda Edwards Getty Images. Brandon Scott: Nick. Max Jenkins: Christopher. Valerie Mahaffey: Lorna. Keong Sim: Pastor Wayne. Jean Baptiste Lacroix Getty Images. Ed Asner: Abe. Greg Doherty Getty Images. Suzy Nakamura: Karen. Mike Windle Getty Images. Telma Hopkins: Yolanda. Steve Howey: Jason. Leon Bennett Getty Images. Olivia Macklin: Bambi. Gary Gershoff Getty Images. More From Entertainment. Christina Applegate's Connection to 'Dead to Me'.