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Resources - For additional help with Metaphors. Show what you know about Metaphors. Imagine that you have a friend who is blind and you need to explain a color to him or her.

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Create a four line poem to describe the color. Each line will describe the color in relation to one of the five senses minus sight and each line must contain a simile. Blue feels like the ocean breeze cooling my skin on a warm day. Blue sounds like ice clinking in the bottom of my glass. Blue smells like the sky after a rain. Blue tastes like snow in a snowball fight.

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Red feels as hot as the noon day sun. Red smells as fragrant as a rose in bloom.

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Red tastes as spicy as Mom's homemade chili. Red sounds as alarming as sirens in the night.

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  • Follow these steps to complete your assignment worth 16 points see attached rubric for details on how points will be determined :. Click here to access a Google Spreadsheet with a list of 11 different colors.

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    Each color can be chosen by only two students. Write your name under "Student 1" or "Student 2" to indicate which color you would like to write about.

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    • Download the attachment below entitled "Color Brainstorm" to begin brainstorming about how your color could feel, smell, taste and sound. Type in your name and color and then fill in 3 different ways your color feels, smells, tastes, and sounds on the chart at the top. In the digital age, an image scanner , a personal computer , and a desktop printer can be used to make a facsimile.

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      Facsimiles are best suited to printed or hand-written documents, and not to items such as three-dimensional objects or oil paintings with unique surface texture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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