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Orphans of God is a two-CD compilation of songs performed by various artists in tribute to songwriter Mark Heard. Recorded and released after Heard's death in , proceeds from the album benefit the Heard Family Fund. Some of the tracks had been released in as part of the single disc collection Strong Hand of Love.

God Cares Orphan Organisation

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Orphan of God

Mark Heard. God has taken note of every little one whose innocence has been shattered, and whose life has been permanently scarred. Their punishment will be in direct proportion to their evil deeds. God will not be mocked: what men sow, they will one day reap.

He had earlier used a little child to teach the essential features of His kingdom.

God’s Word: The Heartbeat of Love for the Orphan | Faith to Action

Pride and unbelief would prohibit any person from being part of the same. The apostle had many children in the Lord. Paul was not one to abandon converts, but he maintained his links with them and sought to encourage them in the ways of the Lord.

The travail involved in seeing others born again was not an end in itself for Paul; 5 he continued to labour so that they would develop in their faith and become more like Christ. This is well illustrated by his first letter to the Thessalonian believers in which he reminded them of his initial visit to the city. He warmly and lovingly tended to their spiritual care, just as a nursing mother would nourish her newborn child.

James 1:27

Motivated by sacrificial love, he gave himself unsparingly to them. In other words, he gave them godly counsel and sought to guide them aright on the pathway ahead. In these ways, Paul fulfilled the spiritual functions of both parents in regard to his children in the Lord.

There should be no spiritual orphans as far as he was concerned. Depending upon where one lives, the needs of orphans may not be so obvious if the state intervenes and undertakes for their basic care. Otherwise, in many developing countries, orphans are still cared for by the extended family.

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The stresses and strains of either arrangement can take an emotional toll on the lives of such children. Many of them never seem to overcome the sense of abandonment, if that was the way they were robbed of normal family life.

God’s Word: The Heartbeat of Love for the Orphan

Others, who have been bereaved, can feel cast adrift. Institutional care leaves much to be desired, and even the extended family situation in many countries is not free of tensions and inequalities.

All in all, whichever way we view the plight of orphans, they are rarely shown enough love and understanding. Some Christian couples have risen to the challenge of providing practical care as foster parents, or even adopting orphans. Others seek to help the street children found in many of the cities of the world, or regularly visit orphanages.